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For now if you have found this page, congratulations! I haven't announced it to the public yet.

I plan for this page to be incredible with time, and hopefully the most accurate Monster Rancher page yet.

For now, here is the monster list directly from TECMO!


The following information is organized as follows: Monster Number Monster Type/Monster Name Monster description CD(s) artist/title containing this monster (if available)

Dino Golem Tiger Pixie Worm Jell Suezo Hare Gali Monol Naga Plant Dragon Majic Henger Nya Ape Ghost Doodle Disk

No.1 Dino/Dino Average in all abilities, he needs a good breeder's hand.

No.2 Dino/Anki Covered with rocks, he has good power, but is slow.

No.3 Dino/Lidee Hold on tightly when you get on this fella. He's very fast.

No.4 Dino/Valentino This lovable beast has wings but cannot fly.

No.5 Dino/Shel His shell keeps people off his back. His belly is vulnerable.

No.6 Dino/Slash This lizard has soft skin and razor-like claws.

No.7 Dino/Mustard Acts like a brat though he appears innocent.

No.8 Dino/Spot A keen sense of hearing enables him to dodge attacks.

No.9 Dino/Goldy This Golden Boy glows with a radiant white light.

No.10 Dino/Black Rex Above average in all areas. Doesn't trust anyone though.

No.11 Dino/Grape A Dino/Naga mix with high Power and low Int.

No.12 Dino/Aloha This islander is a fashion plate who loves the ladies.

No.13 Dino/Geisha Even though he appears to be lazy, he does work very hard. Bjork/Homogenic

No.14 Dino/Gallop A regular thoroughbred who has a lot of potential. Patti Smith/Horses

No.15 Dino/Smiley Appears lazy, but that is an act. He has untapped ability.

No.16 Golem/Verde Covered in a thin, emerald shell that is not durable.

No.17 Golem/Golem His solid rock body helps him have a lot of Power. Slow.

No.18 Golem/Ice Man An ice-carved giant who is better known as "Ice Rock".

No.19 Golem/Dean A shy, quiet guy who is loved by many. Has high Int.

No.21 Golem/Poseidon Like the mythical Greek god, he rules the water.

No.22 Golem/Titan This mammoth monster loves to eat anything and everything.

No.23 Golem/Amenho A dignified one who is loved by many noble people.

No.24 Golem/Shadow His stealth colored body makes him hard to see.

No.25 Golem/Marble With his fatal Power, he has killed many. Highly feared.

No.26 Golem/Echo Although mostly quiet, he's a terror when he gets angry.

No.27 Golem/Bikini This "poser" likes to show everyone his great build. Red Hot Chili Peppers/The Abbey Road EP

No.28 Tiger/Dento A hound with a true "bite" for battle. Be careful!

No.29 Tiger/Toto One his heavy body lies on you, you'll be pinned.

No.30 Tiger/Tiger He is very popular with all types of people.

No.31 Tiger/Deton He will hit an opponent from out of nowhere. Breed him well.

No.32 Tiger/Yakuto This unique guy has 4 eyes that help him see far and near.

No.33 Tiger/Frost His "cool" look makes him a hit when things get hot.

No.34 Tiger/Mono Eye This one-eyed wonder is very friendly. Kids love him.

No.35 Tiger/Rover His big, dark eyes mesmerize one into a relaxing state.

No.36 Tiger/Ballon His long and fluffy fur makes him look much larger.

No.37 Tiger/Velvet With a lovely coat of velvety fur, this one is beautiful!

No.38 Tiger/Cabalos A troublemaker who will run away often and come back wild.

No.39 Tiger/Gray Wolf He has a beautiful coat of silver fur. Howls at night. The Rolling Stones/Bridges to Babylon

No.40 Pixie/Dixie This one has razor sharp claws to cut one to pieces.

No.41 Pixie/Vixen Looks like a human with wings and a tail.

No.42 Pixie/Mint Has high Speed and will obey you well. Can be KO'ed easy.

No.43 Pixie/Pixie A popular one who's selfish and hard to breed.

No.44 Pixie/Nymph Warm-blooded like humans, she has a soft jelly body.

No.45 Pixie/Vanity This monster cares only for the way she looks.

No.46 Pixie/Mopsy Her long ears do not mean that she will listen well.

No.47 Pixie/Angel You are lucky to be able to raise such a great monster. Elton John/Something About the Way You Look Tonight

No.48 Pixie/Prism Covered with a unique, highly protective shield.

No.49 Pixie/Allure Her mysterious eyes have a way of making you docile.

No.50 Pixie/Serene A very kind and gentle being who is not good at fighting.

No.51 Pixie/Bunny Very popular among the male breeders. Can hide well in battle. Jacksone 5/The Ultimate Collection

No.52 Pixie/Platinum A monster who can sing and dance well. Great rhythm. Madonna/Like a Virgin

No.53 Pixie/Eve One who will obey you well. Born under the Devil's will. Van Halen/1984

No.54 Worm/Gecko He keeps his body heat by being covered in scales.

No.55 Worm/Rock Worm This one dwells between the rocks. (He's a bit myopic.)

No.56 Worm/Drill The sharp horn on his head is his weak-point in battle.

No.57 Worm/Red Worm Although his wings do not let him fly, he can jump.

No.58 Worm/Tubby His flabby appearance makes him so lovable.

No.59 Worm/Eye Guy His 4 different eyes can scare an opponent silly.

No.60 Worm/Karone He is a quiet guy who looks like he is a stuffed-animal.

No.61 Worm/Mask Worm Don't let this hard-head get hit in his body or else.

No.62 Worm/Pull Worm His sleek black shell makes him good at pulling things.

No.63 Worm/Wing Worm All the kids seem to be afraid of this guy.

No.64 Worm/Rainbow This TV star has been in plenty of commercials.

No.65 Worm/Tank His fancy clothes have long been a fashion trend. The Clash/Combat Rack

No.66 Jell/Scales Despite his appearance, he is vulnerable to attacks

No.67 Jell/Fencer A brat who is able to change his appearance into a fence.

No.68 Jell/Icy On a cold and frozen winter day, this guy will freeze.

No.69 Jell/Pink Jam Named after a famous and tasty fruit product.

No.70 Jell/Jello He has an odd pair of shiny green eyes that stare at you.

No.71 Jell/Gel His dense body can absorb the damage of an opponent.

No.72 Jell/Jupiter He studies you with his x-ray eye ball that can see all.

No.73 Jell/Clay His clay body allows him to turn into many shapes.

No.74 Jell/Gil He trains all the time to be considered legendary.

No.75 Jell/Lava Though native to volcanic lands, he does not like the heat.

No.76 Jell/Papad He has a very short memory. Can't remember a thing.

No.77 Jell/Kelp Be sure to keep him wet, or he will get dehydrated.

No.78 Jell/Stripe Because of his stripe pattern, he's considered fashionable. The Beach Boys/Beach Boys Concert

No.79 Jell/Sam Resembling the American flag, this patriotic guy is tough. Ry Cooder (Soundtrack)/Paris, Texas

No.80 Suezo/Melon To no surprise, this melon- looking guy loves fruit.

No.81 Suezo/Rocky Named because he disguises himself to look like a rock.

No.82 Suezo/Horn Be weary of his sharp horn that can injure a breeder.

No.83 Suezo/Pink Eye Used to be able to fly with his wings, but he can't anymore.

No.84 Suezo/Fly Eye A monster who tends to see everything as a blur.

No.85 Suezo/Toothy He likes to eat and is always sure to brush his teeth.

No.86 Suezo/Suezo His specialty is stealing an opponent's Will.

No.87 Suezo/Woody This tree lover has pointy ears and good quickness.

No.88 Suezo/Orion Look into his eye and you can see the whole universe.

No.89 Suezo/Bloodshot This guy likes to stay out late instead of sleeping.

No.90 Suezo/Noro Although he may fail your expectations, he is strong.

No.91 Suezo/Ray More of a sun bather than a fighter. He's easy to breed.

No.92 Suezo/Looker Perhaps the best looking monster of them all. Sade/Love Deluxe

No.93 Suezo/Planet This is a very rare type of monster. He's celestial. Earth, Wind & Fire/The Best of Vol.2

No.94 Suezo/Beamer His "beam" is a good attack. He resembles a fish. Fishbone/Truth and Soul

No.95 Hare/Scaler A close friend of No.100 that has good Speed and poor Def..

No.96 Hare/Stoner A close friend of No.99 that has good Def. and poor Speed.

No.97 Hare/Pulsar Known to have dark, trusting eyes which show good loyalty.

No.98 Hare/Buster He has a weak, out-of-shape, and flabby stomach.

No.99 Hare/Groucho This guy is very happy with his thick eye brows.

No.100 Hare/Blue Fur His transparent body shows the odd tail that he has.

No.101 Hare/Cross Eye If you look closely at him, you will see his 4 eyes.

No.102 Hare/Hare Despite a small stature, he has good, strong Power.

No.103 Hare/Prince He's a monster who is most popular among noble people.

No.104 Hare/Evil Hare Though born of evil descent, he can be changed.

No.105 Hare/Amethyst He's supposed to be low in Int. and high in Power.

No.106 Hare/Good Guy He is a real champion of justice. Look at his tattoo.

No.107 Hare/Sleeves Another one who is very fashion-aware. Keep him thin. Hanson/Middle of Nowhere

No.108 Hare/Santa A small body allows him to fit down your chimney. Mariah Carey/Merry Christmas The Chipmunks/Christmas with the Chipmunks

No.109 Gali/Lexus This monster is best known for his great Speed.

No.110 Gali/Warrior A mighty warrior with devastating Power.

No.111 Gali/Sapphire Wears an item which was made special by the Shrine Master.

No.112 Gali/Pixel Perhaps best known as one of the smartest monsters.

No.113 Gali/Style An elegant one who does not wish to be conservative.

No.114 Gali/Aqua Wears a fabric that protects him from fire and water.

No.115 Gali/Omen Once his mask is put on, he is cursed for life. Careful!

No.116 Gali/Galion May be better off being a monster reborn instead.

No.117 Gali/Gali Considered as a god who's taken on a monster's appearance.

No.118 Gali/Gara Wears an item which has a special break- proof coating.

No.119 Gali/Color This weary monster can't last very long in battles.

No.120 Gali/Gamer He is a regular sportsman who likes to fight rough. Quiet riot/Mental Health

No.121 Gali/Kuma He's a monster who loves the old-fashioned way of life. Kiss/Greatest

No.122 Gali/Milky Way One of the real "star-gazers" who likes to wish on them. Next Generation Magazine CD-ROM (DEC ISSUE)

No.123 Monol/Jura Wall This hot-head can be a little short with his temper.

No.124 Monol/Obelisk This monster looks a little ordinary. He has high Def.

No.125 Monol/Sponge His firm body and soft, rich fur would make for a good bed.

No.126 Monol/Ropa This monster has high Int. and is a kind soul to breed.

No.127 Monol/Sobo His bulging eyes can search well, but they are weak.

No.128 Monol/Ice Candy His face is well protected, but his body isn't.

No.129 Monol/Sandy An abrasive skin makes him unsuitable for petting.

No.130 Monol/Groomy Make sure to take good care of his fur and keep fleas off.

No.131 Monol/Messiah His mask has the markings of an almighty god.

No.132 Monol/Monol He has a very special way of reducing foe's damage.

No.133 Monol/Asfar Don't try and sneak up on this strange monster.

No.134 Monol/New Leaf This guy has a striking resemblance to a local tree.

No.135 Monol/Two Tone Watch out for this monster and his dual personalities. Ultra Game Players CD-ROM (DEC ISSUE)

No.136 Monol/Sky His striking body pattern keeps him from going unseen. Alan Parsons/On Air (Disc 1)

No.137 Monol/Scribble The markings all over his body were in fact a punishment.

No.138 Naga/Stinger He can jump well and has an exceptional taste palette.

No.139 Naga/Trident This monster pulls out all the punches to KO opponents.

No.140 Naga/Striker His sharp white claws make him dangerous. Easy to breed.

No.141 Naga/Liper Has an array of attacks, but he doesn't trust many people.

No.142 Naga/Gaia A monster who loves the great outdoors and enjoys nature.

No.143 Naga/Cutter Very similar to Gel monsters. He has a very soft body.

No.144 Naga/Cyclops Although he has only one eye, he is powerful. Has high Int..

No.145 Naga/Edgy This monster can be violent. Hence, he must be bred.

No.146 Naga/Bazula Very precise vision with his small eyes make him feared.

No.147 Naga/Boxer He doesn't like to battle any weak monsters. Loves to fight.

No.148 Naga/Naga Most violent of the monsters. He lives for battles.

No.149 Naga/Jungler He enjoys a camouflage disguise to confuse foes.

No.150 Naga/Cari A very strong one who has saved the lives of many. Gloria Estefan/Destiny

No.151 Naga/Anguish A selfish brat who is always worried about things. Village People/The Best Of

No.152 Plant/Shrub His body glows a green light at night. He loves insects.

No.153 Plant/Rock Bush You need a good cleanser for scrubbing this guy down.

No.154 Plant/Iris Besides having a nice smile, he is very easy to breed.

No.155 Plant/Allergan Pollen and dust are constantly getting into his eyes.

No.156 Plant/Usaba A spoiled brat who will not listen well to your orders.

No.157 Plant/Obor A monster who looks very beautiful and mysterious.

No.158 Plant/Hince If you don't discipline this monster, he'll become a brat.

No.159 Plant/Spinner He is so fast sometimes that he can make himself dizzy.

No.160 Plant/Regal Noble people love this guy and his flashy style.

No.161 Plant/Ash Although his true color is green, he appears black.

No.162 Plant/Bad Seed A poisonous plant that is made from some rancid water.

No.163 Plant/Plant A very quiet fellow who is quite popular among all.

No.164 Plant/Neon This monster is absolutely bursting with energy. The Wall Flowers/Bringing Down the Horse

No.165 Plant/Bonsai This little guy is extremely popular among landscapers. Green Day/Kerplunk

No.166 Dragon/Dragon A rare and very popular one. Unfortunately, he dies young.

No.167 Dragon/Jihad He is shy, but has the most Power of all the dragons.

No.168 Dragon/Gariel He happens to have the most intelligence of the dragons.

No.169 Dragon/Laguna A dark soul that has been accused of mass destruction.

No.170 Dragon/Robo A robot monster who is one of the hardest to obtain.

No.171 Dragon/Apocolis Referred to as "Tiger Dragon", he has fans in the West. REM/Monster

No.172 Majic/Majin An elusive and shy monster who always is in disguise.

NO.173 Majic/Eye Fan As a big fan of Suezo, he has become quite a monster.

No.174 Majic/Kaduka This one is a born fighter. Has high Int. and Power.

No.175 Majic/Kuro He has the classic dream of becoming a super hero.

No.176 Majic/Ardebaren One time master of the Castle of the Damned. Now reformed. Tecmo's Deception

No.177 Majic/Zombie A real wiseguy who loves to play dead and scare people. Soundtrack/Spawn

No.178 Majic/Jerod May look scary but is actually very nice and kind-hearted. Puff Daddy & The Family/No Way Out

No.179 Henger/Henger A hybrid who is made from the souls of the other monsters.

No.180 Henger/Omega From an ancient race, he can change like a shape shifter.

No.181 Henger/Gia This unlucky one is cursed by the wicked soul of Golem.

No.182 Henger/Proto An example of how monsters are not merely "robots".

No.183 Henger/Reformer Once wielded an evil power. He no longer has it.

No.184 Henger/Magnet A side-to-side mover who can slide out of danger. Beck/Mellow Gold

No.185 Nya/Nya Bears a strong resemblance to a cat-like doll figure.

No.186 Nya/Lovey An odd mix of part doll, part cat, and part Tiger.

No.187 Nya/Mama Nya Another monster who is a rather mixed breed of creatures.

No.188 Nya/Nya Mix A monster mix which has given this one very high Def.

No.189 Nya/Mimi This monster comes as part of the Hare monster type.

No.190 Nya/Player He is a regular sports fanatic who especially likes baseball. Soundtrack/Major League 2

No.191 Nya/Teddy A mysterious and popular one who is stronger than he looks. Grateful dead/History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1

No.192 Nya/Karaoke This monster tries to mimic all of the top singers. Nirvana/Nevermind

No.193 Ape/Stone Ape Won't move for hours at a time, just like a stone statue.

No.194 Ape/George His mean acts make him less than popular among others.

No.195 Ape/Great Ape Although lazy, this one is a top-notch monster.

No.196 Ape/Pepe He will emit a potent and intoxicating scent to foes.

No.197 Ape/Ape It will take a lot of patience to raise this monster.

No.198 Ape/Shades It is rumored that he is part human. Billy Joel/Greatest Hits Vol. 3

No.199 Ape/Cutey A human-mix that has an attractiveness about him. Spice Girls/Spice

No.200 Ape/Hot Foot An evolved monster who can get very cold at times. James Brown/Live at the Apollo

No.201 Ghost/Ghost He captures the soul of the breeder's last monster.

No.202 Ghost/Mage This monster has might that is beyond any description. Orquesta De La Luz/Salsa No Tiene Frontera

No.203 Doodle/Doodle Only known to a few people. He's absolutely a mystery. The Damned/Damned Damned Damned

No.204 Doodle/Jaques He has a rather unusual kind of flower that is on his head. Sugar Ray/Floored

No.205 Doodle/Sketch Doodle's nemesis. Matchbox 20/Yourself Someone Like You

No.206 Doodle/Disrupt This monster has a unique black and white coloration. Soundtrack/Men in Black - The Album

No.207 Disk/Gooaall! This monster is a big time fan of the soccer sport. INXS/Kick

No.208 Disk/Radial A difficult monster to be breeding. Has high Speed. Teenage Fanclub/Grand Prix

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