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For now if you have found this page, congratulations! I haven't announced it to the public yet.

I plan for this page to be incredible with time, and hopefully the most accurate Monster Rancher page yet.

For now, here is the monster list directly from TECMO!


The following information is organized as follows: Monster Number Monster Type/Monster Name Monster description CD(s) artist/title containing this monster (if available)

Dino Golem Tiger Pixie Worm Jell Suezo Hare Gali Monol Naga Plant Dragon Majic Henger Nya Ape Ghost Doodle Disk

No.1 Dino/Dino Average in all abilities, he needs a good breeder's hand.

No.2 Dino/Anki Covered with rocks, he has good power, but is slow.

No.3 Dino/Lidee Hold on tightly when you get on this fella. He's very fast.

No.4 Dino/Valentino This lovable beast has wings but cannot fly.

No.5 Dino/Shel His shell keeps people off his back. His belly is vulnerable.

No.6 Dino/Slash This lizard has soft skin and razor-like claws.

No.7 Dino/Mustard Acts like a brat though he appears innocent.

No.8 Dino/Spot A keen sense of hearing enables him to dodge attacks.

No.9 Dino/Goldy This Golden Boy glows with a radiant white light.

No.10 Dino/Black Rex Above average in all areas. Doesn't trust anyone though.

No.11 Dino/Grape A Dino/Naga mix with high Power and low Int.

No.12 Dino/Aloha This islander is a fashion plate who loves the ladies.

No.13 Dino/Geisha Even though he appears to be lazy, he does work very hard. Bjork/Homogenic

No.14 Dino/Gallop A regular thoroughbred who has a lot of potential. Patti Smith/Horses

No.15 Dino/Smiley Appears lazy, but that is an act. He has untapped ability.